Hello Ms. Fraser, At this point in my home loan refi process, I have too – Jane Fraser email address

Filomena  sent a message to Jane Fraser CEO, CitiMortgage – email address that said:

Hello Ms. Fraser,

At this point in my home loan refi process, I have too many hours and money invested to look for another lender.

I would like to share frustrations I am having with the lack of knowledge, communication, and customer service within the Citi Mortgage departments.

My sister and I began our refinance application with Citi Mortgage on January 26, 2016. As of today, May 12, 2016, there is still not a clear understanding of our new mortgage amount.

We have been what feels like an interrogation for a loan amount of $192K. I understand there are laws and regulations you have to follow, but the amount of scrutiny we have been under is ridiculous, all for a mere $192K! Multiple departments have asked us the same questions, not to mention having to provide the same financial information at least 5-6 times!

I was given a Personal Processor, Kindra Risby, who in my opinion should not be working with Citi clients. In my 20 years of dealing with mortgages and refinances, I have never met anyone with less knowledge, lack of communication, and professionalism than Kindra. Early in the process, I spoke to her supervisor and asked for a new processor. My request was never granted.

I have been given a closing date of May 20, a mere 8 days from now...I have yet to receive any finalized closing numbers so my sister and I can review them. I received a 'stock' email this morning from Kindra, but the numbers shown on the email are almost $5K more than what we currently owe on our principal balance.

I know you receive hundreds, if not thousands of emails, but I surely hope you take a closer look and review your current processes/resources in the mortgage department. I am never recommending CitiMortgage to anyone and quite frankly, if we do refinance our home again, it will not be with Citibank.

Thank you,


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