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Hello Ms. Rentler, On December 26, 2015, I took my mother to the Ross location – Barbara Rentler email address

Douglas sent a message to Barbara Rentler  Chief Executive Officer of Ross Stores Email Address that said:

Hello Ms. Rentler,

On December 26, 2015, I took my mother to the Ross location in Hyattesville, Maryland at The Mall at Prince Georges. She was in town visiting from Ohio. She loves to visit several Ross locations when she is here since there is no Ross in Ohio. We purchased her a gift card for Christmas and I took her there to spend it. Our experience at this location was horrific. A woman names Autumn yelled disrespectfully at my mom when she failed to hear the first called that the next line was open. The store was in disarray and the majority of the workers were avoiding registers as the line was wrapped around the front of the store. After I corrected Autumn for yelling at my mother she yelled, "I'm sick of these bullshit ass customers!" She slammed her register door as coin fell all over the floor and yelled "I'm clocking out!" as she walked off the floor in a hostile manner leaving others to service a store filled with people and two open registers. I asked who the manager was on duty and the manager Devin seemed to try to avoid intervening in this situation. When I asked to speak to him he stated that everyone was wrong. When I asked him if he saw how she spoke to my mother he stated that he missed the beginning. He failed to assert himself as a manager and appeared cowardly when addressing the behavior of an out of control associate. When we left the store customers came outside and told us that they witnessed the whole thing and that they were sorry that we experienced that. One man said, "Don't expect good customer service out here, you won't get it!" As a family tradition I take my mother to multiple Ross locations in Maryland, DC and Virginia when she visits. This experience was disgraceful and I regret that my mother (a senior citizen) had this experience. Please direct me to someone that can assist me and or provide feedback regarding my experience. I can be reached


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