Hello my name is Cade I am co owner in a Gem Dealership in – Mark Fields email address

Cade sent a message to Mark Fields – President and Chief Executive Officer of Ford Motor Company email address that said:

Hello my name is Cade Stepp I am co owner in a Gem Dealership in Brunswick Ga. Our specialty is that we operate a mobile service out of our dealership. We service a wide area. We recently purchased a 2015 Transit 350 in November. The unit spent one week shortly after we bought it with not even a wrench turned no one knew what was wrong. The second time for over a month last of January. The third time just last month for another month and now the rear end is still not fixed and will be back in the shop not maybe one week after I just got it out. Now we are not a big company and depend on our customers but if I cannot service them I loose big time now soon to be more out of pocket for a rental that ford doesn't want to pay for and payments on a new van that does me no good I could have spent the money on used sprinters as before so at least I expect to have these problems. Now with that said could some one please help resolve my little problem please please please please the emails and please help me should stop at regional areas but getting no where.
sorry to send this in I am sure I am not the only one with issues but 4 times near 2 and a half months in the shop. bought in Nov. only May the math does not look good for this unit.

Thank you

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