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Hello my name is Daniel I have recently bought a brand new chevy trax – Mary Barra email address

Daniel sent a message to Mary Barra CEO, General Motors Company – email address that said:

Hello my name is Daniel
I have recently bought a brand new chevy trax..
It has 5000 miles on it and has been in shop twice now for different reasons. I have been charged over 700 dollars and am still being charged for things that I feel that I should not be getting charged with seeing that this vehicle only has 5k miles on it.. everyone I talk to seems to not care.. because of this vehicle my family did not get to go home for Christmas and is now stuck and the home with 35 dollars untill I get reimbursed for the rental car that I have been forced to pay for because the chevy dealer don't have a account with enterprise.. if you could please give me a call I would really appreciate it.. my bank account will be over drawn as of today if I don't get sonthing figured out with the rental being charged to me I don't have account endless supply of money nor do I have another vehicle that I can be driving while waiting for my new one to be fixed... please give me a call as this I the only vehicle that me and my wife and 2 baby's have to get any were... thank you


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