Hello my name is Darrell . You could call me an disappointed customer from a – Clifford Hudson email address

Darrell sent a message to J. Clifford Hudson Chairman and CEO, Sonic Corp. – email address that said:

Hello my name is Darrell . You could call me an disappointed customer from a visit on 06/29/2012 at 12:50pm with a HUGE issue that I would like addressed. First my young disabled sons birthday is coming up and as a special treat we went to sonic. When we arrived at 12:50 we were excited to say the less. We then placed our order, and our first issue stemmed from it taking 30 minutes to bring out our food. As I was walking to see what was taking so long
2 young females came out to bring us our food. When we opened our food to check our order to our surprise the first thing we
looked at was our cheeseburgers and each one was very burned. One was extremely burned so much so that it was completely black
and as hard as a chip it was broke in half like one as well. I then took it upon myself to go up to the building and speak with a manager.
I saw an employee outside and asked them to speak with a manager. Here is where the experience crumbles. When I was brought inside
to speak with a manager I waited there and the young lady got a man by the name of JR to assist me. I asked if he was
a manager and he said that he indeed was. I then asked him in these words ( Is this how your cheeseburgers are usually cooked) as I did not
know we do not go to sonic very often and I wasn't sure if they super broiled them. This is where I was Shocked the Words out of his mouth were
"OH COME ON NOW ARE YOU SERIOUSLY GOING TO ASK ME THAT" he yelled at me. His employees soon gathered around us in a type of
football huddle I was then very embarrassed to even be standing there as he just yelled at me and now all the employees stopped
working and surrounded us watching and laughing. I then said I was just curious he continued to yell and goes "YOU KNOW THE ANSWER TO THAT
why would you ask me that". I then said if it wasn't supposed to be like that how it could even be sent out like that.
He continued yelling saying belittling things as the rest of the employees snickered and laughed. I asked to get the name or number
to a district manager or corporate he then continued yelling telling me "yeah like id give you that information".My fiance went up after my phone call to get the receipt so we could show our order to someone but they refused to give it to her. I told him that i would find a way to get a hold of someone higher up and that i would contact social media and the Better business Bureau he laughed and said "yeah go ahead like there going to do anything". Then I walked out and called sonics 1 800 number I was told someone would get back to me yet have not heard anything back from anyone that why I am contacting you. ALSO let me address that was not the end of the bad experience when we checked the rest of the food we found out that the order was completely wrong as our 2 cheese loaded hot dogs were bacon hot dogs the Chicago dog we had had a cheese dog in it One soda had no ice at all my sons burned hamburger had onions on it which we ordered none of and some of the tater tots were still frozen the only thing that was right were the fries they were put in with the wrong meal. Now we thought this was the end but seems as how the food was prepared or the food itself caused me and my fiance to get food poising we shared her meal because we could not eat mine she had some of it when it was purchased and I ate some later on in the night that was the only food we ate all day. We ended up throwing 1 away 1 thing of fries 2 hamburgers the thing of tater tots and 1 soda for lack of ice it was warm. We know it was food poisoning from there because we had eating nothing else all day and we spoke with a doctor at 1 am and that was our diagnosis as we had sever diarrhea and Painful cramping nausea and vomiting as well.

I know this seems like a lot of information but I wanted to address a higher up now even getting food poisoning from the food
wasn't as painful as how I was treated by JR the supervisor of the sonic at Address: 11745 US-6, Gretna, NE 68028
I would really like this addressed by someone through sonic corporate before I bring it to the news media
the better business Bureau and the health department please please please help wit this issue as it has been a gratefully
embarrassing, belittling, and painful experience for me and my entire family.

Thank you very much for your time in addressing this

P.S. We also have pictures of all of the food and the really burned cheeseburger itself.

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