Hello my name is Josephine and I am a student at Roswell High school – Robert Iger email address

Josephine sent a message to Robert Iger – Chairman and CEO, The Walt Disney Company – Email Address that said:

Hello my name is Josephine Douglas and I am a student at Roswell High school. I wanted to email you about a idea me and my partner John EuBanks came up with an idea, and our idea is an amusement park named Savann'O Rama. Savann'O Rama is a nice park that features a lot of attractions such a Zoo, Outdoor Theatre, Restaurant and cool rides such as The Savanna Speeder Ster, and the Serengeti. This park is a environmental friendly park that give the people education about the Savanna and Africa. Savann'O Rama would profit Disney in a way cause the money made from this park would go to charities such as the African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) a charity made by Disney, the money would also go to different charities also, and the rest would be made back by Disney. For information on Savann'O Rama check out link below.

This park is a good idea because it would be fun park for all people to enjoy, this park fun, educational, and entertaining park that would benefit not only Disney but everyone. It would show them way it's a good idea to take care of the environment. Please just consider the idea.

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