Hello my name is Michael W. Glazer I would like to bring a few things – Barbara Rentler email address

Michael Glazer sent a message to Barbara Rentler – Chief Executive Officer of Ross Stores – Email Address that said:

Hello my name is Michael W. Glazer I would like to bring a few things to your attention that I believe would make Ross Stores Inc. a even better company and if you agree would be very interested in joining your team to make Ross a cut above.This weekend I was in three of your stores in Broward County Florida. The first I went into buy a pair of dress pants for work.When going in at 845 PM the rack where the male adult pants where were mared size 32-34-36-40-38 not organized for a man like myself looking for value and on a time frame I then looked around the store to see many other things out of line.i saw a nice pair of shoes that I thought were another I would purchase however when I went to try on was not the size on display I wear a size 9 and a half however they were size twelve. then I asked for manager that was in an Isle putting back close that it appeared would be much more important for an hourly employee properly trained should be doing.when i asked him about size 40 waist dress pants he told me I would be better of going to the Ross at Coral Ridge Mall that they have a better selection at that size,I asked what time were they opened to he replied 10 PM. I drove another 15 minutes arrived at 928 Pm to be told store is closing at 930 PM.I rushed bought a pair off dress pants.that were put into a bag rushing me out.Understanding but The pants were not put in neatly so when I got home they were wrinkled and I could wear them unless I took the time which I did not have to Iron them.I stop next door at Target and bought another pair of dress pants four dollars more but given to me neatly and wore them to work the next day.Yesterday went into a third store,to return the pants.At the end of my journey to the three stores for less then 10 minutes in any one store here are a couple of suggestions When I walked into third store yesterday I did teach a couple of employees a few slight things that would make them better to represent Ross Stores Inc. The security guard did terrific saying Good evening welcome to Ross,instead of hi how are you.The young lady

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