Hello, my name is Mytoya Garcia. My daughter Destiny Hunter worked (she just quit tonight) – Greg Creed email address

Mytoya M Garcia sent a message to Greg Creed - Chief Executive Officer of Yum Brands - Email Address that said:

Hello, my name is Mytoya Garcia. My daughter Destiny Hunter worked (she just quit tonight) for your company in Kenosha, Wisconsin off of Green Bay Rd. She has only worked for your company for a few months but she has told me this was the worst company to work for. Your managers are not doing what your handbook is instructing them to do. In your handbook your employees are not to share their registers and yet they are doing that. My daughter works the front register and the driver thru. The managers told her on more than one occasion to switch to the drive thru. She was never told to take her till with her. So she switched with the other person and she used there till and they used hers. On Thursday September 14, 2017 my daughter called me and told me that her till was short $14 and if she doesnt pay it back then they will hold her check. So I came in to talk to her manager Racheal about it. She told me that the other manager said that Destiny was on that register the whole day and no one was at her register. Destiny said she was at the front for a while then her manager Kendell told her to go to drive thru and the person that was in drive thru went to the front. Mind you they never changed out their till. I asked her manager (Racheal) if we can see the video. She got a really bad attitude and she told me that she doesnt have to talk to me because my daughter is 19 and an adult. I told her until she sees the video she will not be holding her check and she wont be paying anything. We wanted proof but they didnt want to show us. What really upset me is that the manager (Racheal) told me after I said what I did she some back and say that other employees money came up missing when my daughter was using their register. Again in your handbook it states that theyre not to share registers and yet they are. If my daughter really was stealing why now say something before now? Why not show her the video? Thats because she wasnt stealing. On September 15, 2017 my daughter was rushed to the ER for dizziest, pain in the chest, and was light headed. They sent her home with medication, a doctors note, and set her up and appointment with her doctor. When she got out she called her job letting them know she was in the hospital and the manager told her to bring in the note. Today September 16, 2017 I dropped my daughter off for work and tonight she texted me that she has worked 9 hrs and not had a break (15 or 30min). She said that he legs was hurting she felt light headed and her chest was hurting her. She said she asked her manager Nicole if she could have her break and she told her No. I told Destiny to call me. She called telling me shes not feeling good. I told her I am coming to get her it was her last night. I talk to Nicole about this and she said she didnt know Destiny asked for a break Destiny told me she asked her so Nicole lied. Destiny logged out but she couldnt cash out her register because she was in drive thru. SO if any money comes up missing it is NOT Destiny Hunters fault. If you need to contact me please email me.

Thank you
Mytoya Garcia the mother of Destiny Hunter

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