Hello, My name is Rebecca Roberts. I\'m sorry to have to contact you, but I\'m – Glen Post email address

Rebecca Roberts sent a message to Glen F. Post, III President and CEO, CenturyLink, Inc. - email address that said:

Hello, My name is Rebecca Roberts.

Im sorry to have to contact you, but Im worried about the safety of Century Link Connections.

My primary phone lines been out for over 15-days and to-date has not been repaired. There have been mistakes, in its attempted repair where my secondary line was repaired instead, and to-date, even though the tech is supposed to be out here today, hes not yet arrived. I really dont believe the tech will show up today, because this has happened before, hours go by, and nothing, not a call, nothing, then many more hours go by and I get a call that something came up and the tech wasnt able to make it out here as a result.

My fear is, that whatever the problem is, its not going to be fixed. My friend in Roswell, has static on his line, and thats how mine started out, and then my phone died for good, with no real repair in sight.

Will my phone ever get to working again? Is there something wrong with the lines out here and no one knows what to do?

Is there something going on within Century Link that customers arent being made aware of?

Ive never experienced anything like this with Century Link before, and Im getting very concerned.

Ive called time after time to Century Links repair but with the way things are going, I thought maybe I should contact you.

Whats going on? Are we all about to lose service and were not aware of it, due to something that cant be repaired. Normally, I would never ask this question, but with the way things are going on in this Country, what seemed impossible, is starting to look like it just may be possible.

Whatever information you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Rebecca Roberts

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