Hello, my name is “Saed Anayet Ullah Hossaini- Antonio Urcelay email address

Anayet Hossaini sent a message to Antonio Urcelay Chairman and CEO, Toys R Us, Inc. that said:

Dear Sir
Hello, my name is "Saed Anayet Ullah Hossaini" I’m from Afghanistan and I’m 20 years old. I have two sisters and one brother, my mother works in MSF as guard; my father was killed by ISIS (Daish) in Jalalabad/Afghanistan when he was returning from Islamabad/Pakistan after his cancer operation, just because his last name was (Hossaini) which refers to (Shia), which he was not. And they brutally teared his head-off. Now after graduating the high-school and having degrees in (CIT, MCSE, MIS and HR) but no job, because of the corrupt government, and most of all caring my fathers’ last name after what happened to him, it seriously puts my life in danger. I tried every possible option to get out of the country so I could save my life and protect my family but, not having a good financial life with my mothers’ two hundred and thirteen Dollars a month it always seemed impossible with putting my life more in danger. all my life i have dreamed of going to America and to become an actor, fortunately i have become the 2016 USA DV Lottery winner and i found a light of hope to save my life, support the family and to achieve a dream too, unfortunately because i dont have good financial life just like i said, i cant pay for my expenses. So i ask for your blessings that if you could help me with $3000 so i could save my life, support and protect my family. It would be a world of pity. If you want to send your blessings, you can send it by “Western Union" or "SWIFT" to Name: "Saed Anayet Ullah Hossaini" F/Name: Saed Hikmat Ullah" City: Kabul Country: Afghanistan and feel free to contact me on my phone number 0093(0)794138099 or 0093(0)792452218 or you can also contact me on my email: saed.anayet0006@gmail.com
Thank you for your time.

Anayet Hossaini

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