Hello, my name is Terimarie and I thank you for allowing me the next few – Joe Gorder email address

Terimarie sent a message to Joe Gorder President and CEO, Valero Energy Corporation – email address that said:

Hello, my name is Terimarie and I thank you for allowing me the next few minutes of your time. I can imagine the thoughts of “why am I contacting your company, who am I, what do I want” could be at the forefront. I am reaching out to several companies that I am familiar with through the purchase of products, service or government contracts paid by tax dollars. I’ve yet to have a personal complaint about any of the above.
It wasn’t long ago when I realized that yes, this up and coming generation just might be better off financially then we were and I find that to be a great thing! My purpose is to help that generation realize that the professional side allows us to afford our needs as well as our wants but the personal side can be encouraged by the light of success or discouraged by the continual pit falls of darkness. Many of us have been on both sides, most of us have survived to adapt and overcome. When all is said and done, through need or want, we are still customers.
My (6) grandchildren call me Mema, I own Mema Mamali Corp. that has created Angel Babies for the young which shares wisdom of overcoming everyday situations through love, peace, understanding, faith and Grace. I’ve written extremely unique books for children that would probably be shared with adults which would be a wonderful double edge, children get to learn and adults get to remember what they forgot to remember. Why would the young need this? While raising my daughters I knew that they were not listening to a word I said, but I believed that my words would click in when they needed them. My daughters are 37 40 years old and proved to me many years ago that my belief was correct. The younger they start building confidence, patience; love respect for others, the longer they get to own the knowledge. My greatest gift is food for thought and most times that’s all we need to get through a situation.
I am in search of financial assistance in the respect of $100 (one hundred dollars) from your company. The money will be used to pay Christian Faith Publishing in Meadville, PA for printing and marketing of my manuscript, hiring a bookkeeper, an assistant and website designer, obtaining legal services, and affording living expenses to continue my work. I believe that there will be enough left over, to trade in my 130k mile SUV for another newer used one. For all of the above, I thank you!
Are there enough words or actions to truly thank someone for their generosity and kindness? Yes there is and that would be through success from their support and to pay it forward. Generosity and kindness comes in all shapes and sizes, if not monetarily then please just wish me well.
Grace to you and your company with continued success.


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