Hello, my name is Terra and I work for Ross in Baytown Tx. I – Barbara Rentler email address

Terra sent a message to Barbara Rentler – Chief Executive Officer of Ross Stores – Email Address that said:

Hello, my name is Terra and I work for Ross in Baytown Tx. I have been with this company for almost 6 years and I love it. A few months ago I received a management promotion working in the stockroom. I really love my job, but I have a few issues that concern me. My team and I work hard everyday and we still not able to meet the 102%. I really don't know what the issue is, but I am getting a correction write up saying I'm over in payroll almost every week. Today I received a write up for productivity being a 93.3%. Monday was at an 88%, I left work at 7am early because I was sick, and I still got wrote up because of that. I don't understand why, because my team leave at goal time or a little before. The manger at my store has brought me down in so many ways to where I don't want to work there anymore. He has even told me that he dont even know why he even chose me to be a supervisor. That brings a person down and I will not have noone mistreat me or say wrong things to me while I am doing my best working at Ross. I need some clarity and advise from someone who is the bigger and better person so that I won't loose my job.

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