Hello My Name is Thomas. I been on contract with your company 4 years.But will Glen Post email address

Thomas sent a message to Glen F. Post, III President and CEO, CenturyLink, Inc. that said:

Hello My Name is Thomas Blair. I been on contract with your company 4 years.But will have to stop because your employees did not uphold there words or the words of your company.Let me explain,Every November I call in to renew my contract,I made a call  If you listen to the taped phone call I know you have on file from to your company.I request to renew my contract.Your employee told me to hold while she entered the stuff to extend the contact.She told me yes she input it and every thing will be the same.My bill jumped from 40$ to 78$ the next month.If you listen to the call I made 12-1-15 I told them of the problem,I got a response it was a pro rate and my bill will go back to normal jan 1 2016.I looked up my bill it says its even higher now for up coming bill.I did my part and followed the call in to renew my contract.But your employees if you really dig and find the truth I’m sayin are doing a sort of blackball crime to twist loyal customers outta there old contract,Them offer them a new contract at a higher in oppose to paying regular price.I would like this matter investigated to highest degree and terminations of the crooks that did this.The phone calls are the truth of this.If you have any American honor in how America is pose to be.You will simply look into this.My new email address after my internet gets shut off from high bills Thank you Thomas
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