Hello, My name is Wade . I’m 26 years old with a wife and 2 – Abigail Pierrepont Abby Johnson email address

Wade sent a message to Abigail Johnson – President and Chief Executive Officer of Fidelity Investments and Chairman of Fidelity Worldwide Investment email address that said:


My name is Wade. I'm 26 years old with a wife and 2 young children. My primary vehicle is no longer safe to drive, leaving my family without a safe, reliable way of transportation and my families income is 133% of the us federal government poverty guidelines. Unfortunately I am unable to provide my family with a safe reliable vehicle at this time and that is why I am reaching out to your well respected, and well renowned organization to ask you, from the bottom of my heart for your kind consideration on making a small donation towards my families goal of getting us into a safe, reliable, and dependable vehicle that will keep my family and I safe while on the roadway. Thank you for your generosity and gratuity. God bless.


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