Hello my name is Willie Gilmer. I bank in Jacksonville FL at the Fifth Third – Greg D Carmichael email address

Willie Gilmer sent a message to Greg D. Carmichael - Chief Executive Officer of Fifth Third Bancorp - Email Address that said:

Hello my name is Willie Gilmer. I bank in Jacksonville FL at the Fifth Third Bank on Lem Turner Rd and Edgewood Ave. on 08/25/17 I got off work went to the banks ATM put my card in, accessed my bank account which had $426.20 in it. I withdrew $300.00 from my account. The ATM began to process my request and then went completely blank! I sat 20 minutes looking at it thinking it was a joke or something...I didnt get my card or the money I had withdrew. I left the ATM pulled on the side of the bank where I called Customer Service. They said the ATM had went down and that I would have to come back to the bank to get my card. I asked about my money they said I would have to wait because it is showing I got the money. I explained that I didnt get the money or my card. She also explained the was an process that I had to go through and they would have my money back in my account by the end of the day. I also explained to them they have cameras on the ATM so why dont they just watch the video of the ATM that morning and they would see what happened. They said they would and they will make sure I got my money back. I came home went to bed...the bank called me a little after 9 am and stated they found my card in the ATM...I said I know because I was trying to make an withdrawal and it went blank. So I didnt get the money or my card back and Id like to know what happened. She said there was an thunderstorm that knocked the ATM system offline. I said ok she gave me my card in which I showed ID and signed some paper. I asked then so wheres the $300 dollars I didnt get she said she didnt see $300 dollars in there. I like how was my card there but not the 300 dollars I withdrew??? She said she doesnt know. I ended up leaving because I was getting angry. She said calm down it most likely be put back in my account some time today. They put the money back on 08/25/17. On 10/04/17 they made my account negative by reversing the dispute saying the ATM machine was not over balanced or something like that. And they are basically saying I got the money. I didnt get the money I have Direct Deposit with the bank. I dont want to say someone else stole the money but it seems that may have happened. I would the investigator to actually look at the camera video to see what happened please because this is beginning to be just silly.

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