Hello Sir, Hope you are enjoying the holidays. I unfortunately due to your company’s error – J Paul Raines email address

Paul sent a message to J. Paul Raines – Chief Executive Officer of GameStop Corporation – Email Address that said:

Hello Sir,

Hope you are enjoying the holidays. I unfortunately due to your company's error will not be. I like many parents have been looking to purchase a PlayStation VR 2 holiday bundle which has been out of stock every where. I was happy to see that Game Stop had restocked their web site on Dec 21st and spent what I had left to purchase it for my son $806.48  and even paid an extra $32.49 for 1 day shipping which at the time was the only choice that did not say " NOT guaranteed to arrive before Christmas". So now on Friday night after still not getting any delivery I checked your website and was upset to see that the delivery was going to be made on Tuesday Dec 27th. I immediately called  Game Stop and was told that they were sorry but it was not under their control because the package was already given to UPS. I then called UPS and was shocked to hear that they of course said that your company messed up because I could have received the gift by Sat Dec 24th but Game Stop did not put the package down for Sat delivery which they should have marked it so. I asked if I could drive to another facility to grab it but was told due to it not being marked properly it was packed into a trailer that will not be opened again until Dec 27th.......6 Days after I purchased 1 day shipping. So now my 12 year old son who wanted this as his only gift and due to the cost could be his only gift will now be getting nothing Christmas morning. A refund of my shipping is expected and certainly not enough if you ask me.


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