Hello Sir, I wish you have a time to read my email. I’m just a – Hiroyuki Yanagi email address

Spencer sent a message to Hiroyuki Yanagi President and Representative Director, Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. – Email Address that said:

Hello Sir, I wish you have a time to read my email. I'm just a nobody in this world but I'm one of the millions of customers of Yamaha Motorcycles. I already tried asking help from Yamaha websites particular to each country and some of them answered and its all the same. They can't do anything because they are not the one who designed or engineered the said Motorbike. I'm talking about the new Yamaha YZF R3 sir. I know that it is still new and still considered to be a testing phase. There will still be problems that will come out in the near future. Now, one of such problems is the gear, sir. I'ts not just an isolated case anymore because a lot of Yamaha R3 owners worldwide are experiencing such problems and im one of them and 26 of my friends. We all bought the bike brandnew but everytime the bike gets warm/hot I'ts already hard to change gear. Some experience the gear automatically turn to neutral mode while running at high speeds. Sir if you only have the time and try googling (Yamaha R3 Gear Problems) you will see most of R3 owners have the same problem. Some of my friends are already changing to Kawasaki Ninja 300 because of this. Sir I know that i'ts not your responsibility as a CEO of the company about this technical problems but I know Japanese people are one of the most strict concerning their products. I hope you can send a word or two to your engineers about this Yamaha R3 problem so they can look into it. So the next time a new model of Yamaha YZF R3 comes out it'll be perfect. Thankyou for you time sir, and God bless..

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