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Hello sir my name is Jeremy . I worked out of Anchorage for two years – W Craig Jelinek email address

Jeremy sent a message to W. Craig Jelinek – President and Chief Executive Officer of Costco Wholesale Corporation email address that said:

Hello sir my name is Jeremy Butler. I worked out of Anchorage for two years at the diamond location. I'm not sure if you can help. I worked really hard and gave great customer service. I have always been one of the most honest hard working type. I made a fatal mistake. I'm not going to make excuses for myself but I would like to explain. My mother passed away and shortly after I started taking medication for ADD. I was late a couple of times within a two week period, the last time I was late I made a fatal mistake. I lied about being late, I was afraid I would be fired, I only had a second to make that mistake, and I made it. I'm not blaming the meds, but I know I'm not that type of person. I'm a do the crime and you do the time type of person. I was well liked and respected by everyone in the warehouse. I can give you names of supervisors and managers that could tell you the type of person and worker I was. I was raised by my grandfather to be a hard working man of my word. I let him down, and myself. I just want a chance to make up for what I did, to show that I am not a liar, a thief or dishonest. I have been labeled that and would give anything to fix it. Bob and Trevor just switched warehouses, I had the book thrown at me and can't blame anyone but myself. I worked so hard and threw it all away In a split second. I worked so hard I was on a forklift shortly after my first year. I was trusted enough to work alone in the back for the meat department for.g special orders. I really am a good guy, and an honest one, most people don't like me because of how honest and upfront I am. I made a mistake, I am willing to do anything to make it right. Please help me?
I think that most people there respect me and my work ethic enough to say they believe I am one of few that deserve a second chance.

Thank you for your time and consideration

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