Hello Steve. I see from your bio that we are fellow \'79 WPI grads in – Stephen H Rusckowski email address

Ian Mair sent a message to Stephen H. Rusckowski - President and Chief Executive Officer of Quest Diagnostics - Email Address that said:

Hello Steve. I see from your bio that we are fellow 79 WPI grads in Mech Eng! Surprising. I have sent a couple recent emails to Quest through your website asking if you would consider honoring Prostate Cancer Awareness Month (September) by reducing the cost of the PSA test by half ($80 to $40) to help every man to establish his baseline PSA. Early detection is so critical to successful treatment outcomes. As a survivor, I work to inform others with a PC diagnosis of what to expect on the road to cure. I met Friday with ZeroCancer.org at their offices in Alexandria, VA to discuss means to heighten PC awareness. I suggested this request to you and decided to follow up. If I dont ask, I deprive you of the opportunity to say yes! I recently started the website LaughingWithCancer.org as an awareness platform. It would be an honor to link to Quest to detail an amazing significant stride toward helping every man get tested. PC will affect one man in six. It is 100% curable if detected early. PSA testing is the means to do this. What do you say? Will you do something monumental? Sincere thanks.
Ian Mair 79

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