Hello William, I am taken aback by the lack of service my brother Gary Jones – William S Demchak email address

Mya sent a message to William S. Demchak – Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of The PNC Financial Services Group – Email Address that said:

Hello William,

I am taken aback by the lack of service my brother Gary received regarding his checking account. On June 10, 2016 an unknown party went into the PNC Bank located in Cincinnati Ohio at the Hartwell location and withdrew $4,200 with out providing identification nor was it an authorize transaction by Gary. On June 11, 2016 Gary filed a complaint however the matter was not reviewed until June 27, 2016 when we visited another location. We have been receiving the run around from 6/11 - 7/6. The investigation was poorly handled and no information was given to us other than to be told that a video was reviewed and there was a "similar" resemblance. I'm not sure how that could be the case being that Gary was at work at the date/time the transaction took place. I requested a copy of the investigation and was told by Nicholas Wenban that he was unable to provide us with that information. Nicholas was very unprofessional in communicating his findings of the investigation.

We were initial told by Jordan Burger that the signatures did not match nor was ID presented at the time of the transaction. It was then communicated to us that investigator Julia (LNU) concluded that it was a transaction mix up with someone with a similar first and last name. I am perplexed as to how someone was able to walk into the back and withdrew money with out presenting any identification. Furthermore, I am not sure how Nicholas Wenban or the branch manager Andy Dearing can justify this poor conclusion.

I wold like to think that my brother is not being discriminated against based on his race. I surely would hope that you take a look into this matter and follow-up with me or my brother. I have been added to the account to handle his affairs. I look forward to hearing from your team hopefully NOT from Nicholas Weban.

Please note, Kareem Wright tried his best in assisting us with this matter. I thank you in advance for your partnership.

Best Regards,


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