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First I went to the shoe section of the store and walked up to 3 employees standing around talking to each other. I asked if one of them could show me to the women Metcon shoe. Once girl said she didnt know the other one said I do. She took me to the section, said there were these 3 to choose from and then WALKED AWAY! She did not offer to help me with a size, she did not offer any information about the product. Nothing. I looked around the corner after she left to see where she went and she was right back talking to her other 2 coworkers. I cannot believe this. The worst customer service I have ever experienced. So I helped myself, found the size I needed and proceeded to the check out. At the check out, I explained to the situation that just happened. The cashier looked at me and said oh, ok and she did not look happy, but she did not offer any apology or said that she would report the situation to her manager or even say thank you for the feedback. I was SHOCKED! The cashier beside her was listening and said to me very sorry mame . I acknowledge her saying sorry. The cashier who was ringing through my sale still did not saying anything to me. As I was leaving, the other cashier who said sorry, did say very nicely to me to have a nice day. I am shocked at my entire experience. Receipt # 632717.

Barbara Fry

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