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FRANK PABLO sent a message to Inge G. Thulin Chief Executive Officer and President of 3M Company Email Address that said:


I am a lawyer and financial director of a reputable firm operating out of Panama and Cayman island.
We provide discrete financial services for High Net worth Individuals, CEOs/Executives of Corporations
and Senior Government officials Globally. What we do is legal and within the ambient of the law, but
following the leakage of the infamous Panama Papers and subsequent treat by the International Consortium
of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) to publish more details and release more list not included in the first one.
Practically all our clients are no longer comfortable, they wants their accounts closed and transfer their
assets and cash out from this Offshore locations to be invested in the real sector of an economy in any
part of the world that have good prospects.

So we are looking for Manufacturers, Real estate developers, construction companies, oil exploration
companies, mining companies ETC, that will be vetted to qualify for this fund injection. These funds will
be given at a 0% interest, it is not a loan, rather it will be given as a tenured operational fund, and the
investor is only interested on any agreed share of the percentage of profit declared, either quarterly or yearly.

Please write me only if you believe you or your organization can be assessed for qualification and
consideration to participate in this program

Yours Sincerely,

Frank Pablo

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