Hello, Well I don\'t expect this email to be read, but I am writing to – Doug McMillon email address

Karen Gates sent a message to Doug McMillon - President and Chief Executive Officer of Walmart Stores, Inc. - Email Address that said:


Well I dont expect this email to be read, but I am writing to inform you of fraudulent information. On your money center for Wal-mart, you have the option of picking moneygram. MoneyGram advertises that they send money to 190 countries. My son is currently on an exchange program in China, finishing up his degree in International Business and Marketing. As a student, of course they get short of funds. So with the option offered, I sent him a small amount to see how it went. Thank goodness it was just a small amount. The moneygram website, in no area, informs people that you may send money, but, unless a person is a national of that country they can not collect the funds. So! it took moneygram 5 minutes to take it out of my account, and now it will take up to 10 business days to deposit back. My bone of contention here is, the fact that it is fraudulent information, and you as Wal-Mart, have them attached to your website as an option for people to do. I am quite angry about this as I really do not appreciate being misled. I hope I hear a response back, but not holding my breath. If I do not, then I intend to take this further as my sons girlfriend also sent him money via your website and moneygram, and is now having to wait for it to come back.

Thank you

Karen Gates

phone #469-907-9467

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