Hello, I have an ongoing issue that i am failing to receive a logical resolution – Lowell McAdam email address

Paul E DiFilippo Jr sent a message to Lowell McAdam Chairman, President, and CEO, Verizon Communications - email address that said:

I have an ongoing issue that i am failing to receive a logical resolution on with executive customer service as there seems to be confusion based on my address with my home verizon wireless site that is in need of desperate upgrade as it overwhelmed they keep researching my home address of 587 Center Hill Road Upper Black, PA 18972 the two closest towers are blocked by terrain however we have line of sight of to our home site 2.5 to the north at 183 Church Road Milford, NJ 08848 as this services our home with very high signal this tower is in dire need of upgrade with Advanced LTE capacity its overwhelmed and services a large area tickets keep saying im in marginal signal area with poor indoor coverage based on the PA sites. However the NJ tower servicing us has a very high signal so somewhere there is confusion as im right on the market boundary with network engineer tickets being researched. I have submitted multiple case and tickets without an any logical feedback or any feedback at all to be honest. We have ported two number out to T-Mobile since they have modernized their sites( viable option now) already on our account due to the lack of communication. Is there someone in Basking Ridge office that deals with Northern New Jersey network that is can be escalated to leaders of the NYC metro Any assistance at this point would be greatly appreciated. We have much reduced faith in you service and better network in this area.
Best Paul DiFilippo

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