Hello! I have watched you many of times, as you have made- exit from Xerox – Ursula M Burns email address

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I have watched you many of times, as you have made- exit from Xerox. God has truly watched over you.


I am contacting you tonight for a special reason. I am disabled (PTSD)- of so many sudden deaths in 1997-1998: mother 12-7-1997 father 12-27-1998, months later grandmothers, eldest sister a few months later, cousins and 4 boyfriends then- all died of sudden heart attacks! I am almost scared to date, because of what might happen next. I am 53 years old, no children- a host of nieces and 2 sisters- whom I have no communication with. I am just now getting out of the house, trying to make some money to seal my concrete basement walls and fix the walls and ceiling in my basement. It has been a wet basement all of my life, and after every rain, I go down and spray the walls and floors with bleach. When I moved back home, i bought me a pool table, but after wetness for 16 years, it fell apart. I have horrible bronchitis all of the time- nearly cannot breath in the spring and summer. I do have a BS in Economics and Psychology, but Social Security allot me $1,000 per month. I have lots of minor of things to do, spraying off the back of my house and the Maple Tree has grown into my beautiful little shed. I dont have anyone to help me, and never have. If it some type of a plumbing problem, I have friend to clean out a line or something. But, the other thing I would ask of you- would you consider helping me with my air conditioning units. I laid in front of fans all summer long- and I could only get up at night. I literally could not afford any air condition units. Both of mine went out at the same time. I found 2 ac units on teh Alpine Website- they are 3.0 ac units by Goodman. The furnace is $1700.0. If you would help me, I would literally do some work for you for no charge. Of course, I would need to fly. I havent been on a plane since 1978, and dont miss it a bit. I just need some help- the helping agencies pay my utilities, most of the year. My groceries are month to month. I cannot afford to buy groceries. Of course with all of these deaths in my family and friends.. I went to McDonalds the other day, and ran into a friend of our family... Have you heard about Steve? I said, no - which Steve? The one you dated for years- on of your pride of joys... He was killed last year- by a gunshot to his head . I said, I did not know, and I wish I had not known, as I cannot stand any more boyfriends to die . That depressed me even further. I have no money nor food, i pray that you may consider helping me. Please let me know! God Bless You and May The Good Lord Continue To Bless You and Your Family and Friends!

Leslie Anne Davis
231 Springdale Street
Bonner Springs, Kansas 66012
(913) 298-9408

Thanks For Your Time And Consideration

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