hello I ordered a playset gorilla on Aug 4 for my grandson, and it was cx – Craig Menear email address

holly shoemaker sent a message to Craig Menear - Chairman, CEO and President of The Home Depot email address that said:

I ordered a playset gorilla on Aug 4 for my grandson, and it was cx on aug 7. I was never notified of this and why it was cx. I than reordered play set my credit card was stopping the transaction on aug 17. THan I ordered a different playset on aug 17 with a different card I ordered the Nantucket playset. That finally went through could not follow shipping tracking because it wasnt available had to talk to your customer service to find out where it was. than finally it showed up to bend Oregon, was sitting there for three days called customer service again they had to get a hold of shipping place they said they would deliver that day, which my daughter stayed home to wait and they never showed up. delivered the next day and THE WRONG PLAYSET WAS DELIVERED. My grandson was supposed to get playset on aug 26. Here it is in sept and we have the wrong one and they cant pick it up until September 28. I have spoken to anita brown who know doesnt return my emails. VERY VERY poor customer service. I just want the playset I paid for. I want someone to care that your company made several mistakes. I talked to Jennifer at gorilla and she said home depot sent the wrong invoice. order #W771905763.

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