Hello, On March 14th I placed an online order using a gift card. After my – Edward W Stack email address

maria verderaime sent a message to Edward W. Stack - Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Dicks Sporting Goods - Email Address that said:

On March 14th I placed an online order using a gift card. After my order was confirmed, I threw the giftcard away.

TEN DAYS LATER I got an email saying my order was canceled and that the money would be put back on the giftcard. Obviously that would be useless to me.

So on March 27 I called customer support and after 29 minutes of being on hold (when the recorded message said that the wait would be 8 minutes) I explained the situation to Stephanie who told me that she would issue another gift card to me. She said she would send me an email confirmation and that the card would come by mail within 10 days.

Today is April 10...two weeks after that conversation and I have yet to receive an email or the replacement card.

Shall I just presume you stole my money and not hold my breath to expect a gift card in the mail?

This is incredibly poor customer service..at every step....it shouldnt take 10 days to let a customer know your inventory does not have the item. I shouldnt have to wait 29 minutes when your message says 8 minutes to hold on the phone....and your customer service reps should do the job they tell the customers theyre going to do!!

I doubt Ill shop your store again.
maria verderaime

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