Hello,I have become actively involved in this budding civil rights movement, but it needs – Donald trump email address

Michelle sent a message to Donald Trump – Chairman and President, The Trump Organization – email address that said:

I have become actively involved in this budding civil rights movement, but it needs to be brought to public attention. I have experienced personally and also witnessed severe civil rights violations, abuse and misconduct on the part of law enforcement, the court system and other agencies whose job it is to serve and protect us. This is a major problem and some of the things that are happening but not being covered by media outlets are reminiscent of pre-civil war era nonsense and are absolutely unacceptable. I share Mr. Trump's courage in speaking out for truth and matters of principle, but the repercussions for doing so are severe. People are losing their lives-people like me, who are classified as high-functioning autistic. I am in the unique position of having some measure of visibility as sort of a cult figure, notably within American Mensa and the music industry, and I am also an accomplished academic, and can speak out for other like me who are unable to or unwilling to for various reasons. I have had my life almost entirely destroyed and have done nothing wrong, but this has inspired me to speak out. I have been getting death threats and even left the country for about a year because the civil rights violations were so severe. I would like to have my life back, but in order to do so, I need the same rights and protections as guaranteed by the US Constitution. I am a good scientist and have documented everything-and there is a lot. I have been serving as an advocate for others in my position but I am still not safe in this country. I also have a history of speaking out against dishonesty and unethical behavior and have paid dearly for it, but it is something that need to be addressed and I am willing to risk my life to change things. HFASD is not a disorder-it is simply a different type of neurological wiring and it bears mention that at one time homosexuality was classified as a paraphilia by the DSM. It is estimated that 50% of the population will fall on the "spectrum" by 2050. This is not being talked about because people like me are literally being killed-and no one does a damn thing about it. People are burning crosses on the lawns of families with autistic children.
I am wondering if Mr. Trump is aware of this issue and if he is willing to help bring attention to this.

I suspect Mr. Trump may be on the spectrum himself given his propensity to speak his mind absent the filters of political correctness and all that nonsense, and I mean this as the highest compliment. The society we live in right now favors the rights of sociopaths-consider that the current legal system is designed to favor the person who can lie most convincingly. People like me are extremely honest, almost to a fault, and sincere. A sociopath can easily pass a polygraph exam given their affective deficits - without the emotions present, there is no detectable change in blood pressure.

We just want to be able to live without fear. I am no longer afraid, but well aware that I may be killed. I understand this sounds implausible but I assure you I can prove all of it. I won't get into the details here, but I would like to know if Mr. Trump is aware of the discrimination against people with "invisible disabilities" and blatant ADA and civil rights violations. I suspect he is simply not aware of the problem since it is not being spoken about to any great extent but it does exist. Check the statistics for the suicide rate amongst people with high functioning autism for a small glimpse into how bad it really is.

Thank you for your time, and I hope Mr. Trump might be willing to speak with me. I have excellent references at the UW Madison Astronomy Department where I had an honorary fellowship until an attempt on my life that was the result of the Dane County court literally blocking me from getting a proper restraining order by refusing reasonable accommodations and blatantly refusing to abide by the relevant ADA statute that I literally had in hand to give to the court ADA coordinator. There is a pattern of abuse on the part of the court towards people like me-I am fighting to remedy this for someone right now but my situation involves several different states and was completely mishandled and I have no idea how to put my life back together. However, I am more concerned with the matter of principle here. I also have a good contact at the National Autism Society who can confirm that my concerns are very real and that as outlandish as it is, my story is true. I am shocked myself that this sort of thing is being allowed to happen, but Mr. Trump clearly sees that the system is broken right now - so do I .
Thank you for your time, and if there is a place for me to work with the ADA I am well qualified and experienced-and motivated-to do so.


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