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My husband is in the marines for over 10 years now and walmart is our go to store for pretty much everything, being a family of 5 off of one income. This past sunday 2/7/2016 we went to the walmart off of marron road in vista california. We purchased a gazebo for $198.00. I had asked a service member to take it to customer service so we could finish shopping and they gladly did so. When my family and I went to purchase after finishing our shopping, the cashier mistakenly rang up the gazebo for 1.98. our total purchase for that sale came out to 33 and change with everything we bought. My husband went to customer service and asked for a refund of the gazebo and pay the correct amount. The customer service rep looked confused and when we explained she said"what, you guys are stupid you should of just left. its walmarts loss thats why they have insurance." my husband told her he would like to pay the correct price. The lady looked at us shook her head and refunded our 2.14 (tax for the 1.98) and then charged us correctly for the gazebo. before we left she said," next time leave its walmarts money they have plenty." My husband and I did not feel right about doing that. Even though we are tight on money we know what the right thing was to do, and did not like how we were told we were stupid and should have taken it. I dont think it was ok that we were told that for doing the right thing.

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