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Hello, Due to I was given by Tal Ben-Ami a card with your company name – Mark W. Willis email address

Turkan sent a message to Mark W. Willis CEO, Keller Williams Realty, Inc. that said:

Hello, Due to I was given by Tal Ben-Ami a card with your company name KW/Keller Williams Realty I want to let you know that I met this person during my stay at the Adore shop in Beverly Hills. As a tourist I was too much naive and with good intention. And unfortunetely I was cheated by this person who told me she works in your company too. She sold me products with overprice plus she lied whyle she was operating my credit card. She is a lier and untrustful personality. Plus I believe she is doing something I can't name to effect clients so that they become naive. All happened last year july 4th... She invited me to Adore shop by telling "you don't have to buy?" And by cheating like she is giving promotion and by not telling the exact sum I'll pay she did so that I accept as stolling my money... Whatever happened to me is awful. And even after 8 months I couldn't stay anymore without sharing with you how dangerous is Tal Ben-Ami in her customer services. Adore is smaller bussiness than KW realty I believe. And I can't imagine how many people she hurted there also... She is smiling, she is fast and she is lying easily... If I will ever be in LA I plan to do all for punishing this person and Adore Shop on rodeo drive beverly hills... In the heart of LA a very classic thief case! I hope you will be taking in consideration my reclamation about Tal Ben-Ami who is showing up herself like a very succesful sale person at Adore and KW... She is saying she is manager at Adore and Owner at KW realty... I am sure all are lies...



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