Hellow Robin i dont know if you will see this message, or if you will read – Robin Hayes email address

Igal sent a message to Robin Hayes – Chief Executive Officer, President and Director of JetBlue Airways Corporation – Email Address that said:

Hellow Robin

i dont know if you will see this message, or if you will read and intervene in the story below. hope you do that. In short below is the story.

"After close to two years of being out of home I decided to fly to visit my family, with their help i booked 4 round trip tickets for me and my 3 daughters.
But as it seems no family reunion any soon....thank you JetBlue Airways !
From JetBlue we received clear and straightforward answer that only passport and no visa is required for my 6 years old Zoe, for the connection flight via New-York.
With big excitement we arrived to the airport at day of the departure but we have been informed that my small daughter is not allowed to board a plane without valid US visa!
Nothing helped and the airline couldn't find any creative solutions.
After several emails and calls to JetBlue Airways, we understood that their approach to our situation is not being helpful. Several not clear and misleading answers were received, offering partial and delayed (up to 9 weeks !) compensation.
Maybe I should just abandon Zoe behind there and enjoy the vacation with all my family ?!"

this is the story of Hagit and her 3 daughters that staying now in Grenada island.
If you want to see the proof of how the company JetBlue misled Hagit I will send you

The tickets cost over five thousand dollars, and we expect to have all the money we paid back

Best regards

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