HELP!! We are currently behind in our mortgage payments. We WANT TO KEEP our home – Jane Fraser email address

Ernestine sent a message to Jane Fraser CEO, CitiMortgage that said:

HELP!! We are currently behind in our mortgage payments. We WANT TO KEEP our home. We are ready and want to make payments. On September 1, 2015, I was told by Juan Sainz, homeowner support specialist (HSS), that our paper work was in underwriting and that he would no longer be our HSS. He said the underwriter would have the foreclosure sale date postponed. He said to call back this week to find out who our new HSS is and to confirm the date has been postponed. I called today and to my shock, was told that our file is not in underwriting the sale date has not been postponed. They clearly see the notes that he told me that but say it's not true. After being transferred a couple times, I ended up speaking to Sharon, an account manager. Like all the others, she apologized for the error, but our file is not in underwriting as they show documented that I was told and that our home is still scheduled for sale on September 10, 2015; that there was nothing that could be done. I asked that this issue be escalated to the executive dept. I was given reference number  and told it would take 2 days for someone to be assigned to me. She said that although she has escalated it, that they can’t postpone the date unless I show we can pay in full or are in federal bankruptcy, neither of which is possible. I believe that since I was told by your representative that our file was in underwriting that the underwriter would have the sale date postponed; it has now been escalated, that the foreclosure sale date should be postponed as I was told documented. I spoke to the foreclosure attorneys and they said that the lender has to give them permission to postpone the sale. I can be reached  from 9 to 4:30 EST and  after 6 pm. Thank you in advance for your immediate assistance in keeping us in our home.
P.S. We do have a substantial down payment.

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