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Hey Mr. Coastas my name is Michael Zhao I am 20 years old from Arizona – Keith Cozza email address

Michael sent a message to Keith Cozza – President and Chief Executive Officer of Icahn Enterprises L.P. – Email Address that said:

Hey Mr. Coastas my name is Michael I am 20 years old from Arizona and an aspiring businessman and investors and hopefully future company user , ive been interested in business and finance since I was a kid and really think its my passion and purpose in life, I know a little bit about how markets and business and investing works and love to read and learn about economics and business and stock markets and companies and stuff, life is short and it's precious and everyone should do what they love ( as long as it Dosent hurt people ) and follow their hearts and passions in life in terms of learning and thinking and doing and ideas and life and world views and philosophies. I truly want to devote my life to business and learn and master it and be the best at it and spend a lifetime working with it and doing great things not only for myself but others. I read up on Mr. Icahn and I think it's a smart and dedicated guy with interesting views but also really passionate about business and finance and doing what's good and right and sticking up to oppression and tyranny in the business and corporate world , I want to learn from him and be like him and do something similar to what he does and one day have and use businesses and companies and stocks and investments and money and credit , I want to really follow my passion and do business and make money but also help other people and make a difference, hope to talk to you soon Mr. Costas and i really love learning about and hopefully one day doing banking and finance and investments and business and all the different ideas and aspects and perks that come and go with it, hope to talk soon!!!

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