Hey Mr. King I’m a resident in Littleton, NC Lake Gaston. Weve met and spoken – Kelly S King email address

Keith sent a message to Kelly S. King – Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of BBT Corporation – Email Address that said:

Hey Mr. King I'm a resident in Littleton, NC Lake Gaston. We've met and spoken a few times and you were actually the one who convinced me to start an account with BBT. I hate to tell you I am extremely upset with my recent interaction with the Littleton Main Street location. I have a small home repair business that helps me pay my bills. I'm not a wealthy individual and I have to make money any way I can to stay afloat. Friday morning I made a $600 cash deposit at the Food Lion ATM by Lake Gaston Baptist as I had no time to make it to the physical branch. The prompt said it would be made available that day as it was cash. Saturday when I went to purchase supplies for a job there was no money available. I called and they said there was a hold put on until Tuesday 10/25. She advised I go in today, Monday 10/24, to resolve the issue. This cost me a job and no telling how many others due to my client being left in the wind with no way for me to return the cash to him. That made my decision to close the account. I was able to get there at 12pm today and waited patiently 30 minutes for Ann Ellis to fix it. She then told me that I would have to wait unitl Wednesday before I could do anything and even then it may be next Monday 10/31 before it could be released and account closed. That $600 was going to supply materials for my job, buy me groceries to hold me until I get paid for another job, and put gas in my truck. Now I have no way to pay that man back for at least another week(hopefully he doesn't pursue me legally), no groceries whatsoever (luckily my family lives near by and I can eat with them for a few days), and no gas in my truck(luckily I had enough spare change in the cup holder and elsewhere to get a quarter tank). I know you are busy and have more important matters to worry about. I'm not sure what can be done but I've been put in a serious bind. Any and all help resolving this would really take a major weight off of my shoulders.

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