Hi, We just got off the phone with one of your Marketing Managers, Mark. Basically – John B Koch email address

Jon and Christina Maldia sent a message to John B. Koch, Chief Executive Officer and President, PODS Enterprises, Inc. - email address that said:


We just got off the phone with one of your Marketing Managers, Mark.

Basically, this was the worst calls we ever had. He made us feel like liars and argued with us over compensation for a mess up that one of your facilities made.

We ordered a last pick up on 3/1 and our POD was not there. The warehouse was open and no one was there. Essentially, we had to pay $150 extra + an extra $60 tips for the lost time that the PODS was not available.

The guy who called us said that he would provide a $50 credit. This is not even close to what we had to pay extra. He didnt even want to budge and wouldnt even want to meet us halfway.

In addition, he made us feel like we were scamming the company with all his questioning.The last thing he said to my wife was We cant give customers what they want all the time. If you ask me, this is not how customers should be treated.

I was a happy customer, even after the mistake. However, this interaction with this marketing manager made us irate and unhappy with your company.

I am not sure why this guy wanted to argue with a client and make them feel unappreciated.

I hope this is not how your company treat all its customers. Im sure that you, as the CEO, dont want that to be the reflection of your company.


Jon and Christina Maldia

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