Hi Chris- although I am sure you are not reading this but here is the – Christopher J Nassetta email address

Mark sent a message to Christopher J. Nassetta – President and Chief Executive Officer of Hilton Worldwide – Email Address that said:

Hi Chris- although I am sure you are not reading this but here is the email I sent to the General Manager if your Double tree hotel Arlington, Virginia on Army Navy Drive- which was completely ignored by them -

Dear Dori,

Your Double Tree Hotel has the worst service I have ever endured in my 30 years of travel....the people working there do their best and are very nice but you are understaffed- forget about reaching the front desk from the room , long lines to check in , AC in the North tower did not work and I had to change rooms , Valet - you pull up and the guy is busy playing games on his Smart phone and will ignore you so you have to unload your own bags -

Anyway- I am very confident that you will not respond to this- and I can threaten not to choose your hotel again but I am sure you will laugh , shrug your shoulders and say to yourself " good riddance, we have plenty of customers" which is true you do.....but believe me- if you keep operating like this it will cost you your job at some point.
If you don't respond in 2 days - you will be amazed who will be reading this. That's not a threat- it's a fact !


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