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Hi David, I’m just writing in regards to a complaint I made about your Pizza – David Novak email address

Helen sent a message to David Novak Chairman and CEO, Yum! Brands, Inc. that said:

Hi David, I'm just writing in regards to a complaint I made about your Pizza Hut Bondi Franchise. I WAS a very loyal customer and your store was always my go to for kids sleepovers or a quick and easy dinner. I was told it would be resolved and it is now months later. I wouldn't usually care about a late Pizza however, the way the apparent "Manager" spoke to me was no way to talk to ANY human being let alone an animal. I was laughed at, called names, yelled at and even threatened that I would become banned from the restaurant! I wasn't even there! I was calling to ask where my 2 hour late pizza was? It's an extremely long and boring story to be honest but my for end recorded the audio if you would ever like to hear how I was spoken to treated. The icing on the cake was only an hour ago when I commented on a photo (still being annoyed that Pizza Hut Has made no contact in months) the reply from your social media team was in reference to Taylor Swifts song "haters gonna hate" in fact this is exactly what they wrote! I'm not hating but I believe if this idiot behind the computer had been called names and abused they would do the same. I understand your a VERY busy man and I completely take my hat off to your success but if you take a moment to have read and in a long shot reply it would be hugely appreciated.

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