Hi Daymond! Thank you so much for sharing this. Looking forward to getting inspired on – Daymond John email address

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Hi Daymond!

Thank you so much for sharing this. Looking forward to getting inspired on a weekly basis through the videos, much appreciated!

I wanted to personally introduce myself, my name is Nikki I am the owner, along with my sister Remi, of JIVA Active - an activewear line focused on function fit for women ( soon to be Men) living life on the go. Remi and I started JIVA from our living room, sewing all the products by hand - excited those days are in the past! JIVA is in its 3rd year and we are growing rapidly with many opportunities arising. Most recently, we have launched a private label collection for SOULCYCLE studios - the #1 cycling studio the country. Our products launched in 18 studios May 2nd, 2016 and are almost completely sold out in just 3 weeks, outselling all other products within the allocated categories, including Lululemon. We are on to something BIG and we are actively seeking more than just an investment, but a strong mentor to guide and help us take our business to the next level.

We are working on building a Give-Back program that would allow us to collect lightly or no longer used Activewear to be donated to inner-city yoga and fitness programs. Confidence and Community are big core values of JIVA we are ready to make a positive healthy shift in the lives of women men who may not otherwise have the opportunity to feel as good as they should.

Remi and Myself would love the opportunity to connect and discuss our business further with either you or someone from your team of inspiring and knowledgable colleagues.

Happy Wednesday Endless Gratitude!


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