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Hi Dinesh, I purchased a Harman Kardon headphone from couple – Dinesh Paliwal email address

Bipesh sent a message to Dinesh Paliwal Chairman, President, and CEO, Harman that said:

Hi Dinesh,

I purchased a Harman Kardon headphone from couple of months ago. The headphone broke and I returned it to Harman audio. Customer service initially said they don't have same model and redirected me to pick any other model of headphone of comparable price. I did not want any other model as the one I purchased met all of my requirements and wanted same as replacement. Later they said they are going to order same as a replacement. However, on follow up, they again changed their tone and asked me to pick another one again. I declined to take any other headphone as they do not meet my requirements for which I purchased the original one. After spending so much time on this and due frustration, I wanted my money to be refunded. Now I have purchased another headphone and do not want any of the Harman headphones due to very bad experience with its customer service. Please refund me my money of $119 I paid for the headphone. I did not expect such an ignorance from Harman as I always considered the brand and the company to live by it's goodwill and value. My perspective and recommendation to others about Harman and its products totally changed after this very bad experience with the customer service. Please refund my $119 for the defective product sold to me which I have already returned to harman.


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