Hi Ed, I had a first time experience with your E-Commerce After Sale team and – Edward W Stack email address

Fouad sent a message to Edward W. Stack – Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Dick’s Sporting Goods – Email Address that said:

Hi Ed,

I had a first time experience with your E-Commerce After Sale team and it was far below average, I bought an item that your company carries online only which is Spinning bike computer referenced below on Nov 15th, the item was delivered as expected; However, in an already open box missing a very important part which is a magnet, I understand some order fulfillment can occur from time to time and I gave Dicks the benefit of the doubt to get things right, it only went downhill from here, here is how:

- I called the call center on November 22nd and the lady was not pleasant nor understanding given what happened
- After I insisted on correcting the situation, she issued another order to arrive after 6 days and insisted I have to ship mine first
- I promised to ship the original item once I receive the replacement, she finally agreed and issued order
- A week went by and I receive nothing, no communication from Dicks
- I called on November 28th to be told there was no order, or was cancelled and Samantha can reopen the order with no idea when it will ship
- This agent named Samantha complained about the busy cyber Monday and hang up on me when I insisted to speak to a manager to be assured of a timeline and overnight delivery

I have so much time wasted unnecessarily both waiting and calling and your team has no sense of that, they treat customers as Dicks is the one and only. I am an Amazon fan and periodically I like to diversify to other online retailers, However, this experience revealed some loopholes in your organization from warehouse fulfillment to Call center moral that together fail your e-commerce team who built a functional platform to process transactions, if not addresses soon Dicks online distribution pipes will be clogged.

As a result of this experience I am requesting a full refund of the $65 as a minimum service recovery gesture, given it’s taking more than 2 weeks and 2 30mn phone calls to get ½ lbs item fulfilled.

Spinning Bio Wireless Computer

Thank you.

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