Hi Good Morning Sir. I have travel on Amtrak a few times in my life – Joseph Boardman email address

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Hi Good Morning Sir. I have travel on Amtrak a few times in my life but never like this last time I left Boston on April the !7 to Orlando Florida by the time we left Boston was late we missing our transfer in New York had to go all the way to D.c. with a 3 year old and a 7 years old then left Orlando on April the 21 arrive at the station about 6.pm to leave at 7.30 we left at 11. pm had ask someone to help us with order food for my grand kids by the time we were ready for the train they wanna to give me two seats she said again 53 and 54 what part of that you don't understand I said it,s the 3 of us she replies if you have 3 paid tickets I will give you the extra seat I reply I will not ask if I did paid for it by the time we arrive in D.C. was after 6.pm we missing our tour at 3.pm the next tour was at 7.30 pm but will take 2.30 hours and the train was leaving at 10 .pm tke kids did get to see anything of D.C. we left D.C on time but after that was down hill from there then the train broke in R.I early in the morning the kids were a sleep we had to change trains they walk with me to the escalator and left me there with two kids and for bags to go all the way up by my self so what I,m tell you I will like my money back or help me get my grand kids a new trip and I don't think they care where they go hope you can make this happen thank you for your time Luisa Thank You

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