Hi I am Sam owner of mrarancini Italian riceball shop in Ajax Ontar – J. David Karam email address

sam sent a message to J. David Karam President and CEO, Sbarro, LLC that said:

Hi I am Sam Sultana owner of mrarancini Italian riceball shop in Ajax Ontario, my wife and I started this venture from a little trailer 3 years ago with huge success, we had constant lineups, so we decided to open up Canada's first Italian riceball shop 8 months ago, we are the talk of the town, we specialize in arancini they are about 1 pound each,and as of now we have different flavors, we have people coming from everywhere for these delicious balls:) we've had many Americans in the area who said " the best balls ever" we are very unique, w. Our balls can be topped with tomato sauce and toppings or just on their own, we are getting plenty of attention from big food franchises that love our concept and would love to have us on board,entrepreneurs that inquirie regarding franchising our shop, this was just a little idea that is getting big fast, we also feel that our arancini could be the next big stadium food on par with the hot dog, the reason for contacting sbarro is because sbarro is a highly respect corporation and can bring mrarancini right across the globe, we and our customers feel that we have the next big fast food franchise, our famous balls will put sbarro at the top again, thank you very much for your time and hope we can meet soon Sam and tonia owners of mrarancini.

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