Hi, I booked a flight through priceline.com a one way ticket to see my – Darren R Huston email address

Melody sent a message to Darren R. Huston  President and Chief Executive Officer of The Priceline Group €“ Email Address that said:

Hi, I booked a flight through priceline.com a one way ticket to see my son graduate from the Marine Corp Recruit Training, and I did everything right. I was there, and Virgin America did not let me get on my flight.  I was met with racism through Virgin America and they would not let me on my flight calling me an angry black woman then called the police telling them I was intoxicated and causing a disturbance, which I wasn't. The police told me there was nothing I could do and she had the right to say whatever she wanted and deny me on the flight. I called Virgin America and they refunded me my fees for my checked bags, then told me if they could refund me for the ticket, they would, however they were not able to because I had to call Priceline for my refund since I booked through you all. I have been told that I could not get my refund as it was a non refundable ticket. When I explained my situation to 8 different people, everyone told me that I could not get my money back including a supervisor she said her name was Pam and her employee number is YR. I paid $71.81 plus taxes and fees of $30.05 for a total cost of $101.86. I was traveling with my grandson who was not 2 at the time, and he commenced to stomping scrambled eggs in the carpet of the airport. As a mother of 5 children and a grandmother, I believe in discipline and that is what happened, I disciplined my grandson. I was very shocked when the boarding agent said what she said to me. I use Priceline all the time because I have to travel to see my children who are all grown and live in different states, plus my mother as well. Also, my mother was to fly  $218 for the ticket, $45.20 for taxes and fees, for a total of $263.20 and there was a rental car cost as well. Her doctor told her she could not fly, and she even had a doctors note, and no one wanted to show me how to get that note to you all and again I was told that we had to go through the airline which was American Airlines. The rental car place was able to refund the money minus a $15 cancel fee, however we are having the same issue. I just fell that we deserve our money back and I want to know the proper channel to get that done. It is not fair that we cannot get our money back over something we cant control. I have never had an issue before, and I would appreciate someone calling me to let me know how I get my money back. Thank you. I can be reached any time. Thank you.

Melody Dale

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