Hi, I don’t know who else to contact or what to do. I rely on – Glen F Post III email address

Stephen sent a message to Glen F. Post, III €“ Chief Executive Officer of CenturyLink, Inc. Email Address that said:


I don't know who else to contact or what to do.

I rely on my internet service at home to check on my dad, who has dementia, using Skype, and to keep in touch with my sister who is taking a job overseas in a dangerous country.

For the past few months my internet service has routinely stopped working.

Customer support said there was an issue with the outdoor wiring and sent out a technician a week ago, but when he was done working the phone line was completely disconnected (no dial tone, nothing) and internet service has not worked at all since then. Despite the original problems, it did generally work most of the time before the technician came out.

Customer support then said they could not send another technician out until today, but no technician has called my cellphone or shown up.

Please help,

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