Hi!! I had 2007 Toyota camry red salsa omg did I love my car but – Akio Toyoda email address

Hilda sent a message to Akio Toyoda President and CEO, Toyota Motor Corporation – email address that said:

Hi!! I had 2007 Toyota camry red salsa omg did I love my car but 1 day I got in accident n my car was total. It's been a month n so n still lookg 4 another Toyota actually I was told 2 stay away from Toyota bc my air bag n my set belt never deployed n the set never held me in. But I still refuse 2 stay away I love Toyota I'm lookg 4 a highlander 2016 but 2 my luck I thought if I didn't have leather set's n just have caption sets n a moonroof I would afford it. Come 2 realize how much expensive it became only if I was not caught off by a reckless person that left me stranded 4 hours b4 I got help. My luck no witnesses or camera's 2 catch that person. I know things happen 4 a reason but we all the pain I have I'm just lucked out I'm comeg 2 a point that I can't be lookg at Toyota bc is out my puget :'(. P.s. I would give my camry a detailed cleaning the end of every week 4 10 year's now I do have a 13 , 3 ,and a 2 year old children u would never know I had kid's in the red camry bc I took care of it that well :'( . Thank u plz keep doing what ur doing bc I will love Toyota 4 ever

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