Hi, I have had my worst experience with GAMESTOP which at this point can make – J Paul Raines email address

Jinesh sent a message to J. Paul Raines – Chief Executive Officer of GameStop Corporation – Email Address that said:


I have had my worst experience with GAMESTOP which at this point can make me stop buying games from Gamestop.
I wanted to buy Mortal Kombat X kollector's edition for ps4 which was priced at 32.97$ on your website, as I am a figurine collector i wanted a new unopened box.
I called up at the store in Yorktown but they had an open box where as your website clearly mentions the price for NEW .
I called up 15 Gamestop stores finally found a store in Maryland which had an unopened new MK x Kollector's edition but they asked me to ask my nearest Gamestop to call them after which they could ship it to me.
So I did so I called up the Gamestop at Garden city and spoke to Nick, after which Nick spoke to the store in Maryland and called me back in 15 minutes confirming that the game was to be shipped by them.
In between I personally visited the store twice taking time out of my busy schedule but on both times Nick was not in the store so I made a new representative at the store name Harjyot speak to the store at Maryland and I was been told the same that the game will be shipped in a day or two.
Finally getting frustrated by not getting a precise answer I called up your service center today and trust me that was the point where I lost it , the lady had no sense of understanding the situation and so she could not understand what I have gone through waiting for about two weeks now.

I request you to personally look into this and have it shipped at the Garden city store of Gamestop


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