Hi, I purchased these two tickets as a birthday gift – Michael Rapino email address

KENNETH   sent a message to Michael Rapino – President, Chief Executive Officer and Director of Live Nation Entertainment – Email Address that said:

I purchased these two tickets as a birthday gift for my daughter and her boyfriend. Upon their arrival 30 minutes before the show began she was notified by the attendant at the theater that their tickets were void. She insisted that the theater contact Ticketmaster where they were informed that the had been cancelled and the purchaser had been fully refunded. Totally embarrassed and of course very upset she was about to leave the theater when she was able to contact me. I emailed a copy of the conformation and a copy of my bank Visa showing that it was billed and not refunded. The theater attempted to get a hold of Ticketmaster in which they were put on hold. It was now 8:00 and the show was about to be begin. My daughter at this point insisted on letting them go to their seat. The theater management agreed but warned them that if these were duplicate tickets there would be further issues. My wife and I were livid, we were out with friends for a pleasant evening and now we have this on our mind. This certainly I assume was not the theaters error. I would like an explanation and certainly compensation, at least for my daughter and boyfriend This certainly turned out to be a very unpleasant evening for all. Please bring this issue to management! Thank You.

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