Hi Jillian,I’m sure you saw how many times I called and went to the – Edward Lampert email address

Sheri sent a message to Edward Lampert – Chairman and CEO of Sears Holdings – Email Address that said:

Hi Jillian,

I'm sure you saw how many times I called and went to the store. I was told take this $100 and go away. You should know the experience a customer has and how the subcontracting is not a wise idea. I'm a former Allstate Employee so I under Sears more than most. That is why I purchased so many appliances. If I had gotten a call and if they didn't deny to delivery my Refrig , I had the freezer done in front of them. Why after 1 hour and all of my frozen fruit and veg were defrosted. I was referring to that loss. The move after Harlin told them to put in Refrig was less than 5 min. I called sears after they left by nobody could help. Very disappointed. I think nobody thought that it was possible. The escalation team told me and well as Harlin. I'm not the type of person who would call and complain if it was not real. Everything in my Refrig is gone. Food, wine, fruit , Veg, beer etc. Harlin called didn't leave extension so if possible I would not like to speak with him based on past conversations . I need to work or speak with someone who values customers and loyal, It now over 30 days since my delivery nightmare. I have asked to have the appliance taken back and been ignored. I also want to reach out to LG to tell them how you are representing there products. I would love for you to read the responses I have gotten.

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