Hi John, I know you\'re a busy guy but you are also a person so – John Martin email address

WAYNE HARRIS sent a message to John Martin CEO, Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. - email address that said:

Hi John,

I know youre a busy guy but you are also a person so I thought I better let you know my concerns.

I wanted you to here, from a CNN viewer, that as a viewer i feel that the station has gone too far left and, frankly, insulting to anyone who is centrist or right.

The news readers/personalities are clearly and literally constantly jabbing and belittling anyone who has a different opinion. They have such thin skin they look unprofessional and childish.

I used to LOVE CNN- Now I hate it.

Its time for you to save your network and for you, personally to watch CNN and see for yourself how your people belittle the President and others. It has no place in news. Its not a variety show or Oprah, its supposed to be the news. Share opinions and agendas on Bravo or some channel where they want to hear it. CNN is called CNN for news.

Id love to stick with you, but I just cant anymore. Your network has lost my respect as a viewer due to the childish, agenda pushing news writers and readers.

I thought you should know so, if it matters to you, you could do something to make the news read like news again instead of a drama built around tearing down political parties and people.

Your station has such potential, I cant believe you are letting the EXTREME left ruin if for you.

Take care

Wayne Harris

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