Hi Lee Hope you are doing well, Let me begin by congratulating you on continuous growth of – Lee KunHee email address

Saurabh sent a message to Lee Kun-Hee Chairman, Samsung – email address that said:

Hi Lee

Hope you are doing well

Let me begin by congratulating you on continuous growth of entire Samsung brand all around the world

I myself have been a loyal customer of Samsung since past 12 years in India. We in India associate trust with brand Samsung.

Now let’s fast forward a bit. Continuing this trust, I purchased a Samsung 3D LED Smart TV (Invoice attached) in October 2014 and was completely satisfied with the execution of entire process by your team in India.

The cost of this TV was Rs. 87000 (1525743.18 Korean Won) and after nearly 1.4 years of using this TV, I started seeing some dark spots on TV. Confused with what is happening, contacted Samsung service center, the executive visited the place very next day.

He informed that there has been dust collection on panel; we need to replace the entire panel which will cost you around Rs.33000 (Details attached) which is 38% of the value of TV.

I asked him “DUST” but this is very common in Indian environment, so does this product comes with any such warning?

I asked why not just clean the same, stating the same I got a revert Sir, this is mainly the product issue and I will not take risk of opening the same for cleaning. Only option is to replace the same.

Dr. Oh-Hyun Mr. Park, I admit that I cannot even imagine the pressure you are under to remain ahead in the race to the TOP. Your company works relentlessly to acquire new customers and then creating a brand loyalty and value among the old customers.

But while you do this, isn’t someone somewhere losing the plot if while they go after new customers, they lose business from the older ones? I think issues like this hit directly on brand value/loyalty and most important trust.

Request you to please intervene in this case and help in faster resolution of the same as this is lot of money to be spent on TV again in 1.4 years.

Hoping for a positive response
PFB Details:

Invoice No-SLF02A104020030392

Order Date: 19/10/2014


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